ShoulD I?

《Should I?》是Frank Sinatra演唱的歌曲,收录于《The Three》专辑中。1歌曲歌词Written by:Arthur Fre

I'm trying to ignore but it really isn't cool 我不想去想,但是这样实在不酷啊 'Cause I gave you my heart, I thought you wanted it 我觉得你也是想要的,我才给你我的心 Should I take it back? Should I? Should

Everyone should每个人都应该 ; 所有人都 ; 每个人应该 PARENTS SHOULD家长应 ; 父母应 students should学生应 ; 学生应该 双语例句 Not you but I should be to blame.应该受到责备的不是你,而是我。Should I go this way or

Should I Be Good?《Should I Be Good?》是由Graham McLean执导的电影,由Graham McLean担任编剧,布鲁克奥佩斯、Beaver等主演。职员表 演员表

《Should I Be Tested for Cancer?》是2006年University of California Press出版的图书,作者是H. Gilbert Welch M.D. M.P.H.。内容简介 Getting tested to detect cancer early is one of the best ways to stay healthy - or

《I Should Live in Salt》是歌手The National于2013年5月20日发行的歌曲。歌曲歌词 Don't make me read your mind You should know me better than that It takes me too much time You should know me better than that You'

二.Should的用法: 1. Should表示义务、责任、劝告、建议,其同义词是ought to;在疑问句中,通常用should代替ought to。如: You should go to class right away. Should I open the window?

If I had got there earlier,I should/would have met her.如果我早到那儿,我就会见到她。(事实:去晚了)If he had taken my advice,he would not have made such a mistake.如果他听我的劝告的话,就不会犯这样的错误了


Should I?
Should I
Should I Be Good?
Should I Be Tested for Cancer?
I Should Live in Salt